Thursday, August 18, 2011

GAME NIGHT! and a little bit about expectations

last night i had a game night for a few friends. i thought that by hosting a party in the evening in the middle of the week, it would be a nice break for everyone. the beginning of the party was less a disaster, more a disappointment. even though the house was cleaned and the food was put out and the games were in their designated spots, no one showed up until about an hour after the party was supposed to start. my 7 pm party really didn't pick up until like 9-ish! Then by the time the party was in full swing, as in we were actually playing games, three people had already left! husband came up to me and said something about how much fun he was having, and what a great success the party was! I was super psyched! Whereas i had taken all of the minor setbacks as personal defeats, he was having an awesome time playing cranium and othello and dominoes and eating super yummy food and hanging out with friends. I wish i could look on the bright side a little more often. Just because I had expected the party to turn out a certain way and it didn't, i was all mopey until i realized that everyone else was having fun! we didn't get to play monopoly, which was really my main reason for having the party in the first place (besides making awesomely delicious tiny foodstuffs), but that didn't really matter in the end. btw, did you know how much fun cranium is? a ton.
in short, don't expect everything to turn out how you want all the time and you'll be better off. i promise. even if you made gorgeous invitations.

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