Sunday, October 2, 2011

sorry, so sorry

i haven't posted anything in a while because i had no computer for about a month, after hurricane irene blew through and fried my power source (or something else that sounds similar) in the computer, basically meaning that i couldn't turn it on anymore. i totally dragged my feet on getting it fixed too, because at first, i didn't particularly miss it. then when i finally took it to the shop, the IT guy told me it would take like a week to get the part. That was fine by me, but then when it turned into like three weeks i was about ready to string him up by his ankles and throw rocks at him. still, i didn't miss the computer too much except for the fact that i couldn't check my e-mail or the million blogs i was used to checking all day every day. not having the computer for so long even helped me kick my sims addiction (kind of)! i never realized how much time i wasted on the interwebs! i'm trying to limit for weekday computer usage to like an hour or so so that i can actually return to having a normal life that isn't for lazy people. theoretically.
on a completely unrelated note, i love october for so many reasons but mostly because of the MLB playoffs. they always remind me on when teddy and i got married and how much fun we had in toronto on our honeymoon, running around in the bars and trying to find the playoffs on tv! because of that, we are going to the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, ny next week for our anniversary and i am SOOOO PSYCHED!!! but right now i can't watch the game because stenni is addicted to yo gabba gabba and despite my feeling that she shouldn't really watch TV since she's a baby, she is being good and quiet and seems happy and i can't argue with that. plus biz markie is on, and that's great. they totally make some good TV shows for babies nowadays. it isn't all barney and that garbage. i LOVE nick jr, probably more than stenni does. plus there are the old standbys like sesame street that all kids love and learn from, and when we get a chance we watch them. I know that "they" say not to let kids under 2 watch TV at all, and i really don't like the idea of using the TV as a babysitter like a lot of people do, but seriously, get real. all babies watch a little TV sometimes. it's a fact of life if you aren't amish. it just is. i still feel guilty about it though! i don't know, does anyone else have the guilt/TV issue?

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