Tuesday, October 4, 2011

weight loss challenge

my sister and i are both uber-competitive. that being said, we're both also, shall we say, slightly husky. as in, overly curvy. she's much taller and blonder and so naturally, it looks better on her. for me, as a stumpy brunette, it's not so great to carry around those extra pounds (though now i'm bottle blonde, and it doesn't look any better). i could lose more than my toddler weighs and still be pleasantly plump. so every once in a while we will institute a weight-loss challenge in order to get a little healthier and look a little better (oh, and win money and heckle each other non-stop). right now, we're both competing for $50 that we would get after a weigh-in on the 15th, my sister's birthday, right before we leave for Atlantic City. so am i going to let her win because it's her 21st birthday and it would mean a lot to her?
however, i might take her out for a drink with the money, or buy her something cute from the giant H&M outlet, or even a soap from lush (but i would tell her to use it to wash away her tears from losing so badly. that's just what kind of sister i am). also, if she does win, i'll tell her that i let her win because it's her birthday and i love her.
this time, we gave ourselves about 6 weeks to lose as much as possible. i'm currently down about 5 lbs., with a week and a half left to go. now if only i could lost the other 35 in that time...
my sister's usually better about keeping the weight off than i am, but i've been hitting the gym a little more than her, so this time, i think it's kind of a toss-up.
the best part about these competitions is the heckling. the other day when we were buying makeup, she told me to make sure to get some waterproof mascara so that it wouldn't run when i cried after i lost. so then i asked my dad to go and buy her a bunch of empenadas and cookies and stuff. when we coordinate rides to the gym in the morning and one of us can't make it, the other one will surely respond with something like, "that's ok fatty. you totally don't need it anyway." and so on and so forth.
anyway, i think that we've been doing this on and off for about 5 or 6 years now. we used to get other friends or our mom in on it too, but i think we're just too fierce for them. what we find motivating, other people find downright cruel, so the other kids don't really play with us anymore. but that's just fine (although i'm sure the winner would like their money too).
maybe, if you're lucky, i'll post pictures of our gorgeous selves being stunning in AC, but don't hold your breath.

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