Friday, December 16, 2011

whoops, i missed a couple of months...

but i am returning, triumphantly at that.
i stopped blogging because of a ferocious snowstorm that we had on october 30th (yes, the day before halloween. nj was a state sans halloween this year. stenni was a cheeseburger, but it didn't even matter since we couldn't go anywhere. the streets were literally filled with ice slicks and live wires, so halloween was cancelled). i mean, we didn't have power for a week kind of ferocious. i had to stay at my parents' house, and it was not fun. why they had power when they only live a mile down the street and sooo many other people didn't i don't know, but it doesn't really matter anyway. without water (electric well pump) or heat (we have the woodstove, but the electric fan that circulates the heat is really what keeps the house warm), we needed someplace free to stay, so there it was.
after i got home, our computer broke for a while. we eventually got it fixed a few weeks later. we need a new one, but as long as this one is still somewhat usable, i'll use it somewhat.
couple that with the fact that i started working at the gym a few mornings a week, and that we've been house hunting and cleaning and packing and whatnot, and it's been a little crazy. but i've missed my time in the blogosphere.
stenni is now a walking, talking little badass monster. i love it. but she's still such a bruiser. she will run full-steam into things and get cuts and bruises and whatnot. but that's my little girl. she had a split lip yesterday from running right into the vacuum cleaner, and it was huge and purple and i thought that someone at the mall was going to call child protective services. they didn't, which was nice of them. maybe they have disaster toddlers too. i can dress her up, but i can't take her anywhere without fear that someone's gonna think i'm beating her.
anyway the reason i was at the mall yesterday was a. to finish Christmas shopping, b. to spend time with my mom and sister, who are like family to me, but most importantly c. to buy new naughty things for my husband/myself, as we are going to start trying unassisted babymaking in the new year, and lingerie makes it just that much more fun. it makes me a little sad (and slightly sick to my stomach) that i can't even fit into anything that i can buy with my victoria's secret card anymore, but that notwithstanding, i found some adorable and impractical and couldn't-even-be-called-a-costume-if-worn-by-a-stripper type stuff. i love it.
anyway i was going to post about Christmas cookies (I've made about 10 dozen already) and parties but i'll do it later.

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