Wednesday, January 18, 2012

File this under, "who didn't see this coming?" in the land of the obvious

Paula Deen has apparently given herself Type 2 Diabetes. This was, unfortunately, bound to happen, given that the foods she makes are the very foods she herself consumes on a regular basis (and in all fairness, I could never trust a cook who wouldn't eat her own food!). However, no one ever wants this to happen. Diabetes is a serious disease and requires serious treatment. The link above is from an NPR article about the possibility of Paula having to "eat her words" and renounce the very foods and lifestyle she was hocking. I however, think that's a terrible idea. She's a southern cook and business woman, not a role model. She is not the Surgeon General, she is not a personal trainer, she is not the president of the United States. Let her make her cake and eat it too. She says herself that her recipes should be used in moderation, and just because you see something on TV doesn't mean that you have to eat it. Hopefully she takes a bit of her own advice and starts eating a little healthier, because as far as TV chefs go, she's ok in my book, unlike Guy Fieri who I loathe or Rachel Ray who I'd like to hurl down a garbage chute. However, her condition shouldn't change her bubbly personality, which is what most people tune in for anyway!

Also, this is pure brilliance: stuff that you've never thought of before (or maybe you have, if you're insanely smart and crafty and whatnot) that will make your life easier.
plus the rest of this blog is wonderful too.

And a question: What do people do with toddler in the house all day when it's too cold to go outside? It's been freezing here and we've already made forts and read like every book in the house and made a family band and baked a ton of bread and had a dance party and chased the dog and cats around the house and played crab soccer in the kitchen and colored pictures for Papa and frankly, I'm running out of ideas and getting ready to watch sing-alongs despite the fact that I hate leaving the TV on because it's like baby crack. Also I'm too broke to bring her to those indoor baby gym places, which I suspect are pretty much a gyp anyway. Help!Link

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