Thursday, February 9, 2012

if i had known that pinterest would take over my life,

i would have given away my possessions when i signed up, because i no longer have time to enjoy them. it has taken over about half of my waking hours.
that might be a (slight) exaggeration. but i like it a lot.
i finally changed it so now i'm the awkward broad instead of the awkward borad. so that's good.
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i have an awesome valentine's board (you should check it out), but my valentine's day will look very different; we just go to fuddruckers and buy comic books and whatnot. it's tradition, and it makes me feel good for not spending a ton of money or getting all mushy when really, that ain't me, baby. but anyway, in another world, my valentine's day would be pink and white and red and glittery. like a glitter explosion. with hearts. and maybe even stars, for good measure. like this:

but there's a twilight zone marathon on syfy today until 4. so i've got to get to it. looks like no library today!

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