Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the interwebs vs. real life

my posts may become a little more sporadic for a while, for a few reasons. the first is that i'm boring, and have nothing to write about that happens in my real life. as in zip, nada. it's sad, really. plus i'm trying to work a little more reading into my daily routine (i may post about that tomorrow and give you some more reading suggestions). also, and probably most importantly, hubs referred to himself the other day as an "internet widow" and i felt awful about it. i guess i never realized how much time i spent on the computer doing ridiculous things. for each time i pay the bills or manage the banking online or look up some kind of important information, there are other times when i'm playing mah jongg or looking up inane bits of trivia on imdb or doing other useless things that, frankly, are a giant waste of time. i'm going to try to curb these things, but not necessarily cut them out of my life completely. i mean, there will be times when hubs is home and we get into a heated argument over, say, a baseball stat and have to consult the great consultor (the interwebs) lest the argument stretch well into the night.
but what i'm saying is that when my husband is home or the baby is awake, i'm not going to go on the computer if i can help it. some people call it a "media fast" but i just call it an exercise in self-control for a little while until i can make sure i don't go into shock.
you may not see me for a while.

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