Thursday, April 5, 2012

impoverished fashion junkie. no but seriously.

you wouldn't know it to look at me, but i love fashion. it looks great on other people. i am very conservative in my own fashion, as i generally am in most areas of my life. i favor long skirts and 3/4 sleeves, solid colors over prints, and classic silhouettes, and i NEVER, EVER wear shorts. i rarely wear pants (i think i have maybe 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of white pants, for the Polish festival, plus a few leggings and yoga pants for the gym) because i just don't like them. they're manly. skirts are flowy and breezy and girly, and i like them. and i like longer skirts because frankly, i'm just not lady-like without a good deal of effort. i sit indian-style a lot. i am always on the floor or jumping around with the baby. i can't be counted on not to flash any naughty bits to the world.
in person, i'm pretty conservative about where i shop too. i go to the same stores over and over again until it hurts. i am always at old navy, macy's, target, jc penney's, or h&m. i used to like forever 21 when i fit in their clothes, but now i can only count on their accessories and shoes, which are adorable.
that being said, i wanted to post today about some of the online shops and blogs i love to ogle. like, have you seen the asos curve line? soooo cute and actually pretty reasonable, though i haven't purchased anything from there yet. i'm also big into e-shakti, but you already knew that, didn't youLink? they can customize like, anything, and everything comes in a huge range of sizes. they are a good one-stop shop. they have casual and more formal dresses, skirts, tops AND accessories. i can usually find way more than i need there. (on a related note, i hate when i walk up to a register with arms full of stuff and the cashier asks "did you find everything you were looking for today?" i know they have to but i mean come on man, take a look for yourself).
as far as bloggers go, i find myself drawn to either mommy bloggers (which makes sense because i am a mommy and mommies generally need to dress for mommy-dom) or orthodox jewish bloggers (which doesn't really make sense, since i am not an orthodox jew, but i kind of share their fashion sense), with some plus-size lady bloggers thrown into the mix for good measure.

i love ally at modestly fashioned. she was on hiatus but recently returned with a new baby! her blogroll includes some of my absolute faves like:
the joy of fashion
a pretty penny
all tumble down: a modest attempt at styleLinkkendi everyday

here are some other, unrelated blogs i check regularly:
smile and wave
girl with curves
already prettyLink
how about you? any fashion blogs you can't get enough of?

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