Monday, April 30, 2012

make yourself useful and...

sort through your seasonal things.
you know, May starts tomorrow. I know, I know, it's shocking. this means several things. firstly (and most importantly) it means my birthday is right around the corner. but more on that another day. it also means that it's time to dig out those spring and summer digs that you should have appropriately stored some time in October (or November, or even December if you're like me and want to really hold on to those flip-flops for all they're worth). It also means it's time to put away winter coats, hats, gloves, ski apparel, and all things winter, despite the fact that here in nj it dropped below freezing last night and we've still been lighting the woodstove every night. that being said, there will most assuredly be no more snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, or any other fun winter sport that i've never participated but can think of the name of at this moment. so put the gear away! remember to label appropriately, and if space allows reserve one of those air-tight storage bins for each family member and one for general purpose items. giant pink fuzzy blanket? that's one for the all-purpose winter bin. my gazillion scarves? those go in my bin. stenni's head-to-toe snow suit that makes her look like a starfish? she's got her own bin for that. you get the picture. i like to label the bins with index cards instead of writing on them so that i can change them up seasonally, but how you label is of course up to you.
if anything's too ratty or should have been tossed a few seasons back, now is the time to part with it. another 2 seasons in storage won't do it (or you) any good. also, if something's in perfectly good condition but you've got no use for it, you really shouldn't hold on to it. they have scary tv shows about people who do that, you know. you've got a few options here. you can:
  • toss it
  • repurpose it
  • give it away to someone who needs it more than you do

i like to repurpose old t-shirts into headbands because it looks cute and require absolutely no money or crafting skills, but if you can think of something better to do with them, please be my guest! i also take hubby's old shirts and rip them up to use as ties in the garden and rags for cleaning. if something's in good condition but you don't need it, take a second and think if there's anyone you know who does. if your mom needs your old snow boots, fork 'em over. my church usually has a big rummage sale the first weekend of June, so it's the perfect time for me to look through and see what I no longer need and also raise a little money for my church. anything they don't take i give to Goodwill (make sure to get a receipt. it's never too early to start thinking about tax time, my friends).
but now comes the fun part. you get to dig out the spring and summer stuff! but remember that the same rules apply when looking through these things: if you can't use it or it's not usable, it's gotta go.remember to wash anything that's been in storage even if you did it before you put it away (you don't want any surprise critters or anything funky smelling) and to have fun in your shorts and flip flops. nothing says warm weather like a nice sundress and a pair of sandals...i know you have them somewhere, so go find them!
think of the excitement!

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