Monday, June 4, 2012

what i've been doing (and loving) lately, through some links

so i've been gone for a little bit. i needed some recharging. to be honest, i still do. hubs and i are still in the thick of trying to sell our house and to be honest, keeping the house spotless most of the time is exhausting. we had a showing yesterday, and came home to find our closets open, which was a real eye-opener. obviously people want to know that there's closet space, but my closet is the least organized place in the entire world, and it really freaks me out that people now know that! i mean, there are suitcases, overnight bags, a huge army bag full of unused purses, a million pairs of shoes, boxes of pictures, besides the ton of clothes...i may have to seriously tackle that area soon. i like to think that closets are the last bastion of privacy, but i guess i'll have to swap that out for my car or something.
i've also been cooking a lot lately. one recipe of note that you must try immediately is joy the baker's french onion soup sandwiches. they were amazingly delicious and i used the perfect gruyere from calkins creamery, which i picked up at the warwick valley farmer's market that just re-opened for the season (we've already been there quite a few times, and the hard cider man gives us a discount whenever we go)!
also i love joy the baker's lovely post on what she's learned in 30 years. i have 3 left to go but i doubt i'll take in all the necessary knowledge in that short time!
also, and though i know i never wear them, i've been thinking about buying a pair of jeans lately for vacation. i have like, one pair that i wear occasionally, but i HATE HATE HATE jeans shopping. it is even worse for me than bathing suit shopping. luckily, this lovely, informative post about denim from the inside out style blog has given me the proper info with which to equip myself on my journey.
we have been doing a ton of family gardening around here whenever it isn't raining (which right now seems like never, since it's currently raining AGAIN), as we have a smaller garden at home a a larger one about a mile away at my folks' house. this is super exciting and i can't wait for fresh produce and of course blue ribbons from the fair. my lettuce just started popping and we already have a little watermelon sprout, as well as some pepper and tomato plants and a bunch of herbs and whatnot. i always love the garden, and this year we could even put stenni to work helping use move rocks...truly a family affair!
anyway i'm back now and hope to post at least semi-regularly, at least until vacation!

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