Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh, and we also went blueberry picking

which i had never done before. and i also ate an apricot, because i had never eaten one before. and guess what? it was awesome. i know it sounds pretty mundane, but it was quite the experience for me. i generally consider myself a pretty adventurous eater. i like all kinds of strange-to-the-american-palate, culturally-specific foods and pride myself on trying things even if i don't know what they are made of (especially if i don't know, i guess). i even tried tongue this summer at wolfie's down the shore. but i had never had a non-dried apricot before. and it was a revelation. like a peach but better because it wasn't as juicy and fuzzy, because i imagine that's what it would be like to eat a person so it always creeps me out, even though peaches are delicious. we picked some up at the orchard where we had been picking (och's orchard, which is in warwick, if you want to know. they're great!), then i tried one in the driveway, and the next thing i knew we were turning into the next farm market about a mile down the road to pick up some more. even stenni loved them!
hubs says that i had probably never had a non-dried apricot because only old people eat them. maybe he's right. i always though old people ate a lot of strange foods (like canned meats and such), but apparently apricots are not one of them.
also, blueberry picking was pretty fun. stenni calls blueberries "bear snacks" and kept making bear noises and roaring all over the place, and would call for impromptu picnics in the fields every 5 minutes to devour everything she picked. all in all, it was a good day.

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