Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful: Thirty Things

Jenna from It's Just Called Spicy is hosting a 30 Days of Thanks link party, and I just had to link up because I have soooo very much to be thankful for this year. Also, I wanted to do this before Thanksgiving actually  comes, so..
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Here goes nothing:
1. stenni, my beautiful, sweet, cheesy, brilliant little girl.
2. my hubs. he's so awesome i can't even deal with it sometimes. he is also beautiful, sweet, cheesy and brilliant. i see where stenni gets it from. i'm a very lucky lady.
3. the two swans who live on my lake. i'm not sure about the migration habits of swans but they aren't always around. when they are it makes my day. they are always together and i think it's so sweet.
4. deandra, my puppy, and her boundless energy.
5. the awesomest cat trifecta, mogan, conan and baby kitty, who always form the cat triforce of wisdom by always laying in a triangle formation.
6. the fact that my husband FINALLY got his transfer to a different location at work! woo hoo, we've been waiting for this transfer for about a year now!
7. for the moment, living so close to my family, especially my grandparents, who are right next door!
8. having electricity. for reals, i could never do that pioneer/Amish crap. i didn't really know that for certain until the hurricane hit.
9. my family making it out of last month's hurricane safe and sound, with only minor damage to our houses (and thankfully not to us).
10. indoor plumbing. again, hurricane-related. i'm thankful for all that the hurricane taught me, but not the hurricane itself. that would be ridiculous.
11. that as a woman, i can vote, get an education, work if i'd like, and also raise my family. i like that a lot.
12. having a close friend with a daughter the same age as mine, so that they can play together while we do.
13. jazzercise! yes i'm totally serious! it's like a total girl-power workout, and if you know my love of the spice girls you can understand my appreciation of all things girl power.
14. the fact that they re-opened the pocono bazaar flea market. just in time for Christmas!
15. the cabin at hankins, ny (family picture minus my mom at left)
16. that stenni gets to know all 4 grandparents, and whole set of great grandparents!
17. always having enough to share with others.
18. the bright colors in my home. my yellow kitchen and my orange bathroom!
19. having a home to call our own, even if we have already outgrown it!
20. being almost finished with potty training (i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!)
21. my health
22. my parents. usually. ;)
23. my sister. we don't get to hang out as much as i'd like, but she's ok in my book.
24. my education. i went to a wonderful women's liberal arts college, and i'm glad that i had the experience of being in classrooms full of women throughout my 4 years there. i learned so much from them, and not just the professors!
25. my favorite slippers. i got them on a trip to Ireland over 10 years ago and they are still warm and fuzzy and wonderful!
26. living in NJ, the best place in the world hands down! we have the beach, the mountains, farmland, and everything within a few hours' drive. yay garden state!
27. TODAY! it's a new day, you know.
28. having a ton of frozen tomato sauce in my freezer from the garden this year. every time i open one up it smells like august!
29. all of my books. i love to look at them all. oh and read them too.
30. hosting thanksgiving at my house again this year, for the 8th year in a row!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

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  1. Nice list- I especially love 3, & 28: unique to you, yet simple pleasures. My hubby and I are both big supporters of #17. We all have something to share :-)