Wednesday, December 12, 2012

all good intentions...

ah, the Christmas season. time for presents and cookies and carolling and blowing out your knee walking down the stairs with a toddler on your hip. wait what? yup.

on sunday, after two days of 5+ mile runs, i thought i was listening to my body. it said, go and get a few beers and about 2 dozen hot wings at the bar while your parents take stenni to santa brunch. so i did. i took it a little easy because my knee was hurting a little but i figured, hey, double digit pavement runs will do that to you, plus my whole body hurt. so monday morning rolled around and i took jazzercise. then i did the same thing tuesday. then i returned some presents at the mall, bought some new ones, and came home. i pulled down the driveway, took stenni and my bags out of the car, and headed for the house.

and then i walked down the steps.

OUCH! then boom.

and now even though i have to go in to jazzercise to work 2 more days this week, and even though i have presents to wrap and cleaning to do and 7 dozen cookies and 12 chocolate babkas to make and a 7 mile run scheduled for saturday, i'm laid up.

moral of the story: listen to your body. for reals. because if you ignore it, it will screw you.

i'll be back soon with some Christmas-related fun, promise!

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