Friday, March 15, 2013

7 quick takes

  1. I finally get to go see my favorite band, Fountains of Wayne, tonight! Why the dramatic finally, you ask? Because the tickets were for November 1st last year, but since the entire state shut down due to that vengeful tramp Superstorm Sandy (wth is a superstorm, btw?), they moved the tickets to tonight. And I'm so super psyched.
  2. So, Dave Chapelle has been randomly performing at comedy clubs lately, after swearing off the spotlight and blowing up his career 7 or 8 years ago. That makes me super happy, because he is hilarious and broke a lot of racial barriers for comedians. But mostly because he's hilarious. 
  3. This list from has a bunch of baby names for future chefs. The boy names mostly make sense (Herb, Baker, Alton, etc.) but the girl names? Greta, Tina, Marianne, Bryce, Dana, I see no common thread here. Odd. 
  4. I love Panera bread, and when Stenni asked me to take her out to lunch there today, I happily obliged (what mama wouldn't?). I love their Spinach Power Salad especially. How much? Enough to forget that it's Friday and I shouldn't have eaten the bacon on it. Whoops. It was still delicious, and this lady needs to eat her greens.
  5. When I heard my daughter singing Taylor Swift yesterday, I almost gagged. But then I thought, would Barney really be better? I think we should have stuck with the Beach Boys and Eddie Cochran. As a mom who thinks most "kid's music" is garbage and won't ever bring one of those cd's into my car (besides certain Disney sing-alongs -my stance on them is softening- and maybe Raffi), we do listen to pop radio a lot, and maybe I'm regretting that now. 
  6. These SyFy movies are just getting better and better. Megashark vs. Crocosaurus? Count me in! Are Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas in every single one? I almost hope so. This one also stars TV's Urkel. Bonus.
  7. The World Baseball Classic is making TV worth watching these days. I almost wish I lived in a place where the games were being held, but then I think, Florida? Arizona? No thanks. But the games are really getting me all excited for regular-season baseball, which actually begins on Easter Sunday! I'm loving the fact that I get to see some of my Brewers and hubby's Blue Jays play together, and it's really awesome when regular-season teammates playing for different countries have to face each other! Talk about intense! It's baseball at its finest.
That's it, that's all I've got. Have a great weekend, and a fabulous St. Patrick's day!

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