Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Life Looks Like These Days

It looks a lot like this, actually:
And sometimes like this:
(Obligatory shot to show you the size of Cuatro to scale using Deandra as a benchmark.)
(This is only maybe 6 hours before Stenni's little brother was born. So we let her wear Papa's hat and shirt. I have to get used to the fact that this is what life used to look like)
This is soooo very different from how it was only two weeks ago. Our routine can hardly be called a routine at all. We eat when we can (thankfully we had a lot of stuff made ahead of time, and a lot of people brought food when they came to visit!), sleep when we can, and the rest? We just make it up as we go along. We try to still get Stenni to school on school days, and the Hubs makes sure to get out of the house to teach his guitar lessons, but other than that we haven't really kept track of the days. We are lucky enough that Hubs is taking off most of November from his "day job" to help us recalibrate our family life, and help me to get used to the flow of things as they are now. I couldn't do any of this without him, and having so much family time, especially around the holidays, makes this transitional period that much sweeter. So yes, that second picture down is us standing in front of our already-decorated Christmas tree. Yes, our Christmas lights are up and the garland is hung on the mantel and I love it. We've been doing silly stuff like going out looking for mistletoe as a family (we've been to 3 stores and haven't found any yet but will keep looking!) and having jello picnics and reading and cuddling together. I'm lucky that our little Cuatro is a very good eater and a great little sleeper, so with the help of the Hubs, I'm almost functioning like a normal human being again. Also, it's gotten really cold around here and I don't want to go outside, so I'm getting more cuddle time with everyone in the house, which is a total blessing. I'm feeling very loved these days, and it's wonderful.
My sister Shlee will be all up on this blog, updating for me at some point in the near future while I continue to cuddle and snuggle and nap and change a thousand diapers a day (I seriously forgot how many diapers little newborn babies go through, but it's a ton). Thanks Shlee! See everyone soon!

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