Thursday, July 7, 2011

my daily schedule, or how my husband is a creepy horndog in absentia

in a pathetic, feeble attempt to organize my days and actually get things done, i occasionally write a daily list of all the things i want to accomplish with some completely outlandish tasks that i know i'll never do thrown in there for good measure. my list generally looks something like this:
  • gym
  • walk dog
  • bathe kid
  • dishes
  • make bed
  • sweep
  • mop
  • vacuum
  • load of whites
  • wipe down bathroom
you get the idea. everyday tasks, tailored to what i've got to get done or what in my house is looking particularly dastardly. i usually leave a space all the way at the bottom to write out what i'd like to make for dinner. i tend to write these a few days in advance, leaving a couple of blank spaces to add in this or that.
when i opened my little kitten notebook today after my husband had already gone to work, it looked like this:
  • make out with ted
  • give husband two compliments
  • dance with teddy
so that would be romantic-ish and all well and good, until i get down to the dinner section.
"topless nachos"
yeah, ok. this is not really a valid dinner option. at least he's thinking about me!

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