Monday, July 18, 2011

shopping and packing for vacation

in the coming days, we will leave for a much-needed vacation at the beach. thanks to our frenzied (but semi-organized) planning, we have almost everything set now: the house-sitter is coming to stay with the dog and cats and water the plants so that everything will be just as spiffy when we get back, the packing lists have been made (and most everything has been packed already), and (most of) the shopping has been done. we stay at a house about a block from the beach, only we don't go to that beach. it's expensive and kind of gross. if you've seen jersey shore, you know exactly what i mean, because we are a block away from the prestigious and storied shores of seaside heights. i can't complain though, because we are about 3 miles away from island beach state park, which is lovely, quiet, and super amazing, and also free because teddy's brother bought us state park passes for Christmas this past year. but the house that we stay in (the same one we've stayed in since i was about 4) is pretty much towels, no bed linens, no mitkas, and definitely NO AIR CONDITIONER! we actually had to leave last year because i was about a million months pregnant and, since air conditioners are not allowed, it was like 104 during the day and 97 at the house. i thought it would get nicer so we stayed until about 10 pm when it didn't get any cooler and i couldn't take the heat anymore. i tried to be a trooper, mostly because i didn't want to sit in the car for another two hours and go home, only to come back down the next day like an asshole (but that's what i did anyway). that not withstanding, we have to take my tiny baby car since teddy's truck is too big to park anywhere, but we have to fit a whole house worth of stuff inside it, plus baby stuff, which everyone knows is at least 5 times larger than normal human stuff. so the bikes, the stroller, and basically anything bigger than stenni has to go with my mom in her SUV.
so my living room looks like a bomb hit it, my house is littered with stuff, and i still have to find my strapless bra, clean my bathroom, send out the entry blanks for the fair which should have been sent out two weeks ago (more on that later) , get to the gym, wash all my bedding and re-make my bed for our house-sitter, clean up the red room, do the dishes from last night, possibly sweep maybe, etc., etc,. etc.
it's funny to me to look at the life teddy & i live through the eyes of others. like our house-sitter, a dear friend/bandmate of teddy's, is taking care of everything for us, including all of the animals and both gardens. we took him on a walk-through of everything last night. i don't think two bottles of wine and pool privileges at my parents' house is enough repayment! but he's being a sport about it all...i think he enjoys the novelty of living semi-"off the grid" for a few days. he talks a good game, like it'll be a "vacation" for him too, but at least he'll enjoy doing it and it won't be drudgery (or at least it won't be drudgery for too long).
what could possible be teddy's last show with his current band is tonight, and i'm pretty bummed about it. i wonder if that chapter of our lives is really coming to an end. i remember before i got pregnant going with the band everywhere, coming home from brooklyn or the poconos or manhattan or wherever at like 4 am and loving every minute of it. i'll personally miss the skeezy little bars and whatnot. there was one in brooklyn i particularly liked, they had free drinks for an hour with cover and there was nothing but old vinyl seats ripped out of cars lining the walls. also there was never anybody there but russkis. ah well. i guess with a kid, that part of my life was really over anyway, but i can't imagine my teddy without some kind of musical outlet, and acoustic open mic nights is just not going to cut it (who goes to those after college anyway?).
when i get back i'm going to document my nj state fair baking, ag, and crafting saga...i've never entered anything in the handicrafts section before and i'm really nervous! we're also entering a zucchini in the biggest zucchini contest (we'll get beat, i know it, but that's ok...i just like to see our names!).
see you eventually!

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