Thursday, August 11, 2011

i am the queen of (getting free stuff at) the fair!

so today me and stenni and my mother in law went to the fair, since i had to drop stuff (namely pumpkin apple streusel muffins and honey oatmeal beer bread) off for the baking competition. how much did it cost us for a morning of fun? absolutely nothing, although we did leave with a whole bunch of stuff including mac and cheese, a nectarine, lollipops and hand sanitizer. well, that's not entirely true...i had a coffee ,but my mother in law paid for it so...still free-ish? teddy and i also went the other day to put the produce in for the ag contest. we both got in for free, got wristbands, and came back with the baby at night (and got free fruit, as well as a box of animal crackers). also did you know that if you volunteer, you get not one but TWO free passes for that day? awesome, right? and since teddy's sitting in the ag building tonight and i already have a wristband since i was there this morning, we're giving a ticket to my dad so that we can all go to the fair together tonight!
there are so many cheap or free things at the fair that even if you do have to pay (obviously not full price since you can always find a coupon) to get in, it can still be worth it. on special competition days, like say the New Jersey blueberry baking contest day, the judging panel gives out free samples? because they do, and it's awesome. i wish they did it with homebrew too, but i digress. so grab some free blueberry bread and head to the snook agricultural building for a $1 milk. it's like, the best non-free deal at the fair. you can go to the lafayette federated church tent for free water too! plus, the horse show is always free and so much fun to watch.
we got a few blue ribbons (2) some red (6 or 7 i think) and a yellow or two from the ag show. did you know that these all have prizes attached too? sure, there's a small entry fee (2 or 3 dollars for up to 10 items), but you can more than make your money back. the biggest zucchini contest has a bigger payout ($20 each for the 5 biggest zucchinis by weight), but we were nowhere near close...out biggest was a full 4 lbs. smaller than the contest winner!
anyway, the gist of this post is that the fair is sooooo much fun, and it makes me so sad when it closes. there's literally fun for the whole family (stenni likes the shop-rite tent with the little trike tractors and the scarecrows and the farm baskets and whatnot), not just like when they say that on the radio but it isn't really fun at all. when i go back tonight i'll let you know how i did in the baking contests!

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