Friday, August 12, 2011

i made a wedding cake!

it wasn't pretty (as you can see) but it was the chocolatiest thing that i've ever created!
i made it for teddy's cousin bobby's wedding this past tuesday. he kind of threw me for a loop when he requested "chocolate. really chocolate." but i made it happen! the cake itself is three double layers of triple chocolate fudge cake. between layers there is chocolate icing and chocolate bavarian cream, and on the outside there is chocolate icing covered with two layers of chocolate ganache. the first layer made kind of a marble effect, and the second dripped over the whole cake down to the cake plate. it was super yummy and the giant flowers stenni and i picked almost hid my complete decorating ineptitude.
the wedding itself was short, held at the weehawken court house on a tuesday afternoon before traffic court, followed by a multi-state traveling reception. the bride wore an adorable off-white dress and the groom wore...jeans and a superman shirt. but that's just his way. the parents and siblings of both parties were in attendance, and teddy and stenni and i came along too!
i made two pretty bouquets for the bride, since i was unsure of her color scheme, but i don't have any pictures! one was yellow and red and orange, and the other was white and pink and purple...i liked the second one better, but both were really nice and i'm frankly surprised that i made either! they were full of flowers that stenni and i picked at the pick-your-own farm in tranquility the day before. after the ceremony, we returned to the new couple's apartment for cake, appetizers, and a toast (and i'm super happy that the apartment doesn't look so much like a bachelor pad actually has furniture in it!!!). then we traveled to the bar where they met for another toast, then off to sloatsburg, ny (incidentally, where the ukranian festival is held...maybe since i know where it is now, i'll make it there this year!) for a pizza party/reception with "the best bar pies in the world" and a really good jukebox. it was all actually super fun and pretty casual and just a nice little wedding party. maybe i'll eventually post a few pictures. probably not though.
oh by the way i didn't take that job at the creperie, and vacation was ok but not really relaxing. i suppose "family" vacations really never are though, are they? teddy and i need a grown-ups only vacation, like, stat. maybe for our (gasp) SEVEN YEAR wedding anniversary in october!

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