Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i'm not completely sure, but

i think i'm ready to be a brunette again, or at least something like it. i'm just not feeling the blonde thing anymore.
something about the change of seasons always makes me want to change my look up, at least somewhat. i keep thinking about going slightly more drastic and chopping all of my hair off. however, even though i know that it grows back (eventually), and i've done it before and should have the chutzpah to do it again, i just. can't. do. it.
maybe i should just learn how to do my hair like a normal female?
i feel like i miss out on a whole world of hair-care options because i have no idea how to wield a blowdryer or a curling iron. i can use the laziest-invention-of-all-time, the wet-to-straight flatiron, but it takes WAY too long with a toddler running around, so unless i'm going to a wedding or a funeral, i leave it in the bathroom drawer. i mean, on the lady-like front, i just taught myself how to put eyeliner on the right way like, two weeks ago. yeah, i'm kinda pathetic that way.
any tips on how to look like a lady and still be busy/lazy/occasionally sweaty/completely artless?

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