Thursday, October 20, 2011

in short

AC was fun, but when we got back , life got really not fun, really quick. suffice it to say there's a ton of family drama going on right now that i'd rather not disclose in a semi-public forum like this.
but, AC was really fun. we had a hookah and went dancing and shopping and did girly stuff like face masks and pedicures. oh, but then my sister had a horrible allergic reaction to the face mask as soon as she got home, and her face swelled up so badly that she couldn't even see.
but see? the bad stuff only happened after we left to come home. we should have just stayed.
also, it's my hubby's 27th birthday today, and i'm soooo excited. we are having a party and a cake and everything! it's going to be awesome. oh and pretzels and beer, because what's a birthday without pretzels and beer? pathetic, that's what.
and now for all you geeks out there, some link love: you ready for your mind to be blown? shots from the dark knight rises. now you can do what i do, and speculate wildly. i also check out the catsuit and curse my giant self. you can do that too if you want.
speaking of my giant self, i won the contest against my sister, and the cash money! i lost 6 lbs. and we are starting another contest to go until the week before christmas, when we do our giant one-day shopping marathon at palisades mall. that way somebody will have some extra christmas money, and will also have had the motivation to stay away from the gravy boat and the christmas cookies. yay!
anyway i've gotta go finish getting everything ready for teddy-fest. Link

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