Friday, December 30, 2011

a new year's eve eve treat:

despite the fact that she is like, the undisputed hipster princess of all time, i love zooey deschanel. she was in a made for the sci-fi (fine, now it's "syfy) channel original movie a few years back called "tin man" which was a "reimagining" of the wizard of oz. the miniseries was ok except for the ending, which was the stupidest, most ridiculous thing i've ever seen on tv or in person or anywhere for that matter (sci-fi movies are known for their terrible effects, but this one went beyond. the story was silly too). but i watched it religiously with a woman at work and we'd chat about it every week. after the last part aired, we never spoke of it again. that notwithstanding, i think that makes ms. deschanel more human, because she's done really awful made-for-tv things that i've watched and loathed, and not just made light, sing-song music that makes hipsters cry into their checkered scarves and campy movies that open to critical acclaim but a poor box office showing. to me, mr. jospeh gordon-levitt will always be tommy from third rock from the sun. however, he is scrumptious going to be in the dark knight rises which lends him some serious geek street cred. and they are both more than adorable in "500 days of summer" which is a movie my husband would never watch but i love because there's music and dancing and it's all just really cute. also it makes me want to go to ikea.
ANYWAY, here's a little ditty that they decided to sing together since they are so pukily-cutely-BFF-like and apparently hang out like friends, which celebrities aren't supposed to do:

go ahead, get nauseated if you need. or like, give yourself a hug and cry gently. you know, whatever works. hope your new year's eve is this adorable.

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