Thursday, December 29, 2011


i've landed myself on the pinterest waiting list. by the time they send me an invite, i'll be totally over it. oh well. better luck on the next internet fad?
in other news, i'd like to bake a delicious chocolate babka today with all of my leftover Christmas chocolate, but since i'm restricted to clear liquids only for another 24 hours or so (dr's orders...apparently i had an infection and the flu so...yay me), i figure it's not even worth it. i'll just make it for new years day and be done with it.
on new year's, the hubs and i usually go down the shore for the day. they have fireworks and open a bunch of the booths and dames and the arcade and whatnot. we usually have a blast. last year there was about 3 feet of snow on the boardwalk, and a little path just wide enough to push the stroller through running the entire length. but we brought my mom and stenni and had a blast anyway. this year? well, with neither of us feeling up to snuff, i think we'll just stay home and watch the twilight zone marathon. (i'm also toying with the idea of baking a rum cake. yummmm.)

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