Wednesday, December 28, 2011

while i'm laid up, a bit about new year's resolutions.

i'm bad at them. like, generally terrible. my resolutions are always the generic ones too, like "lose 15 lbs." or "clean entire house" or "save $5000" or whatever. i feel like i'm focused, but i'm obviously not because i never actually achieve these goals. so here are my semi-focused, almost specific and mostly attainable goals for this coming year.

1. drop 1+ dress size and/or 10+ lbs. Either one would be nice.
2. get better at consistent weekly menu planning. i've totally slipped off this one in the past 6 months or so and i really need to get back on the ball. it saves time and money, not to mention the aggravation when i have no idea what to make at like 530 and my giant bear of a husband starts grumbling and growling around the kitchen (not to mention making huge plates of nachos and then not wanting any dinner).
3. move, or at least get on the ball with moving. the hubby needs the ok to transfer before we can move forward, otherwise he ends up with an even longer commute, and i think that'll literally kill him. he's already stuck in traffic for over an hour each way, any more is like heart-attack territory. we found a house we liked by the place he's likely to be transferred, but nothing's 100% yet, and we've got to wait for that. plus the longer we wait the more money we'll be able to save for a down payment.
4. pay hubby's truck OR my student loan down significantly. both are about the same rate and about the same amount, and to pay them off in 2012 would be 2-3 years early. just paying them down would help save a good amount as well.
5. get better at saving money. the more planning and list-making i do, the easier it is for me personally to save money (this way i don't need to treat the cabinets and pantry like black holes that just completely erase everything that goes in them). whenever the hubs gets a raise, we barely notice it. this year, i wanna make the extra count! even little tiny extras make a big difference by the end of the year.

i'd also like to do a million other things like have another baby and become a jazzercise instructor and actually clean the house from top to bottom, but who knows if those things will actually happen? i don't know what will occur from day to day as it is, so i'm only going to worry about what i can do over the next year wherever i am.

your resolutions are inevitably better than mine. share them id you'd like. maybe they'll inspire me to rip them off.

for right now my resolution is to get better so that i can actually accomplish any of these things!

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