Tuesday, December 20, 2011

omg ryan braun

i was very, very upset by his recent brush with performance enhancing drugs, and was hoping that he would come out on top in the end. honestly, i don't care if someone takes PEDs (it's your body, destroy it if you want) but really felt he was a stand-up kinda guy and didn't want his reputation ruined. he is one of my favorite players and i really was impressed with his talent and personality, and didn't ever suspect anything amiss.
now as it turns out, he may not be guilty after all. i sure do hope not. he says whatever he was taking was for a "private medical condition," meaning, perhaps, something to do with nether regions or other "private" things? if that is the case, then that was ABSOLUTELY an overreach by the MLB. idk, i'm not an expert on these things, i don't even care. i just love me some hebrew hammer.
anyway, i think if i have time later after trying to surgically reconstruct my kitchen i may try this pinterest thing everyone's so psyched about. i'll let you know the outcome.

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