Wednesday, December 21, 2011

holy drama, batman

my sister and i decided to include a few more people in our weight loss challenge this time. at the last weigh-in, someone accused someone else of lying on facebook, and it got ugly (or it will be ugly in the future because i have to see this accuser woman a few times a week, and i was not even the person directly involved...i'll just have to hold my tongue!). some people are just poor losers, and never learned to be gracious, or happy for what they gained (or lost...which was way more weight than i did)! sometimes i wish that women, especially in groups specifically designed for women, could be more supportive of each other and constructive, rather than just, well you know, catty women. it's unbecoming to us all as a gender. just an extra holiday "blessing," and a reminder to only include family and very close friends in future endeavors. anyway, i didn't lose any weight overall (well i did lose 7 lbs but then gained it back this week thanks to Christmas cookies and mother nature) but i didn't gain any either, unlike most years and most other americans!
in other more important and actually batman-related drama news, the new trailer for the dark knight rises that played with that awful-looking ghost protocol's awesome.
see it here. you're welcome.
i'm sad to see the legend come to a close, as christopher nolan has flat out said that it will. i am a big fan of how in the comic books and "graphic novels" (a term i still loathe), story arcs can continue indefinitely. also, things can happen in one comic and then be completely forgotten in the next if they're stupid or inconsistent or otherwise don't make sense. also, things can be added randomly and then become part of the gotham universe forever. i find this sort of completely haphazard fanboy geekdom storytelling incredibly appealing. maybe that's why i like kevin smith so much.
anywho the men are still working in my kitchen...hopefully it will be done this afternoon and i'll be able to put it all back together! probably not though. this whole ordeal has left me slightly more pessimistic than usual.

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