Friday, January 6, 2012

7 quick takes friday

1. i bought an iron today, like for clothes. i have never owned one before. i purposely buy clothing that does not need ironing or, if it does, gets steamed in the bathroom by the shower at best. but since hubs now dresses like an upstanding citizen at work, he needs his shirts ironed. i don't know who is going to do it (i will probably ruin a few good items of clothing before it get it down pat. maybe that should act as a deterrent), but now that we own an iron, it will get done. probably.
2. i am obsessed with the artisan bread in five minutes a day book. it's awesome, and it has changed my whole perspective on like everything in life. and i've only been using it for 3 days. i just don't think i'll ever buy bread at the supermarket or farmer's market again. when i think of the crazy stupid money i've spent on my bread obsession, i want to hurl. never again.
3. hubs is in the middle of an existential crisis, big time, about the possibility of moving to the 'burbs and suiting it up and whatnot. as a man who only wants to farm and play music, this shift would be momentous. i think it's part of growing up but shouldn't have any real effect on who he is or what he wants, and will be a stopgap between where we are now and where we eventually want to be. he says that it probably would end up being permanent, and basically that i don't understand men, and it's true. i don't. no woman really does i suppose. i always wonder what's going on in the strange place that is my husband's brain (his is probably a good deal stranger than most men's too, i'd wager). women really just don't think like men. that's not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but despite what the feminists will have you believe , it's totally true.
4. i'm still thinking about opening a shop on etsy. it would be called "the awkward broad vintage" and i would sell the awesome vintage houseware and whatnot that i've been collecting but not using for a decade. i know it's supposedly super simple and everyone uses it, but i'm scared that i'll just half-ass it like i do with most other things in life. also, i don't want to delete pictures off my digital camera to take new ones, and i don't want to buy a new card. there, i said it.
5. one of my very close friends just told me that she is pregnant, and since it's still a secret i won't name names, but since nobody reads this it doesn't really matter anyway! but she is very excited and whatnot, and i'm excited for her. when i think about the people that we were four or five years ago, it is both amazing and horrifying that we will both be mothers. i worry for the future of this country, because we were scoundrels as adolescents and young adults (and frankly, i'm still kind of a scoundrel, though i won't speak for her), and i have to wonder if that will translate to our children. i'm guessing it has to somewhat, because at some point your kids realize what you were all about when you were younger, and you can't be a total hypocrite and pretend that you were always good. this is what i'm scared of. not for her, but for me, but thinking about her having a baby puts this fear into sharp perspective for me.
6. i'm thinking of going to the jazzercise instructor pre-screening at the end of january. i am super psyched/terrified. my sis and i are thinking of trying out together, and keep going over the pros and cons. we are both still heavy, but also love the classes and the moves and could probably teach the classes we already take. i am just hoping that self-consciousness does not win out, because it's something that we'd both like to do and would be good at, and it's kind of motivational since we're almost competing.
7. ever since stenni was born, she and her papa have listened to music together in the mornings. i think it's a nice tradition, and it allows them to spend some time together doing something they both enjoy and bonding and whatnot. there's just one thing: she loves what we affectionately refer to as the "acid trip" beach boys songs. so we put this video on last night and she didn't even blink. i hope that doesn't make me an even crappier mom cuz of the guns and whatnot. here you go:
it's trippy. i like the sun/moon and the ocean made out of mouths.

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