Thursday, January 5, 2012

a question for the ladies...

i found this on one of the Christian lady born-againer blogs that i sometimes go to for homemaking tips. but, it's a good quote from a pillar of Christianity, and something for anyone in a relationship to think about.
ladies, how do you make your man glad to come home? if your house is always messy and your kids (if you've got them) are always bratty and you always have attitude or a million problems to deal with, i'm sure he'd much rather be someplace (anyplace) else, or maybe with someone else entirely. you may have a million things on your plate but remember, he does too.
gentlemen, how do you make your lady sorry to see you leave? i'm sure i'm inviting some innuendo here, but for serious...what do you do that makes her truly sorry to see you walk out that door in the morning? you don't want her breathing a sigh of relief as soon as the door swings shut.
today, i'm gonna keep my man coming back happy with my awesome homemade baguette and a little picnic. but what else can we do? have you gotten all gussied up lately? it does wonders for him, and for you too you know. a little lipstick and some earrings can make the difference between "i look kind of homeless today" and "ooh la la, i look kind of french today." believe me, i know.
and why am i sorry to see my man walk out the door? because he's a manly man, always building things and lighting fires and cutting wood and whatnot. it's hot. plus, he's all around awesome.
so today, challenge yourself to be someone to come home to, and to see your man as someone you can't bear to part with.

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