Friday, January 27, 2012

7 quick takes

(btw, i mean to post this on friday. i was busy, y'all)
1. I am throwing my brother-in-law a housewarming party tonight. However, I am unusually short on funds this month. That doesn't mean the party will be any less awesome. Some of the best parties that I've ever thrown/been to have been scaled back, impromptu, or otherwise not as originally planned. He wanted a BBQ and bonfire, but it is raining, foggy and soaking wet here, on account of all of the melted snow. Also, his wife decided that she would go on a business trip at the last minute, so she won't be there. I won't share my thoughts on that, but suffice it to say that it kinda hurt my feelings. Wait, scratch that, feelings are for sissies and mama's boys, I don't have feelings. Back to the party. we will follow the fail-proof party plan that I've been using for indoor parties since the beginning of time: Bread and cheese, homemade pizza, meat, booze. Who could ask for anything more? Oh PS we got him a sweet ax as a housewarming present.
2. my house smells like baking bread. that is, of course, because i am baking bread (again). i wish my house always smelled like this. in a few minutes, it'll smell like pork loin. that's good, but not nearly as good.
3. i looked at my table yesterday, and it was like looking into a sea of denim jackets, 3 of them were mine, and one was stenni's. i do own quite the variety of denim jackets, but of all of the things to pass down genetically, i didn't think that would be it.
4. lifesaver's sweet storybooks (you know, those cardboard boxes that have a bunch of packs of lifesavers in them that you sometimes get from your mom in your stocking at Christmas) don't contain butter rum lifesaver anymore. to me, they are no longer worth purchasing. if you're as upset about this as i am, go write to you senator.
5. my mom in in NYC today watching them tape the view. she asked me if i wanted to go and i said "no way? why would i want to see a bunch of old ladies yelling at each other?" she may have thought that i meant her and her sisters, who were accompanying her. oops, my mistake. i really meant the view ladies. but seriously, who wants to see all that?
6.i finished caleb's crossing, and it was good, if unfulfilling. if you like geraldine brooks, check it out.
7. lastly, i wanted to share this link from one of my favorite slacker websites, Aiming Low. it's about the mean bloggers on the block. thankfully since my blog is not popular in any way, i don't have to deal with these snarky comments and catty remarks, but i know that other people do. just because you don't show your face when you comment on the internet doesn't mean that you can't make people want to punch it. go here now: How to Beat the Mean Girl Mom Bloggers at Their Game

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