Monday, January 23, 2012

you wouldn't know by looking at me, but

i have an obsession with fashion blogs and what my husband and i affectionately refer to as a "mild shopping addiction." i stalk blogs like girl with curves and Already Pretty (which I especially love because of the body image angle, and also because of the boots she wears. they are simply fabulous) and The Joy of Fashion and about a million others which I'll probably rave about in another post. anyway, I like to look at these fashion-conscious blogs, however my personal style might best be described as "lazy hausfrau who never changed out of her gym clothes this morning." because that happens more often than i'd like to admit. i don't really do my hair. makeup is more of an occasional thing, though i love playing with it whenever i have the time. i stick mostly to dresses and long skirts for personal reasons, and also because dresses are a lazy, fashion-challenged person's best friend: a one-piece dressing solution, just add accessories.
recently, a company called BzzAgent, who I occasionally represent in various ways by talking about products they give me to try (and they are usually totally awesome. they sent me cover girl NatureLuxe foundation and lip gloss in the spring along with a ton of coupons and I was like instantly hooked) sent me an invite for a campaign on a website called StyleFind. It's super-cool and basically breaks down outfits and even helps you shop for them online, with a whole "Deals" section, which is awesome for people like me who can't afford anything ever. they also have celeb fashion stories and whatnot, which is good because it lets me indulge in celeb fashion ogling without buying tabloids because i think i'm too cool for all that but clearly, i'm not really. i'm also a big fan of the "Trends" section because even though i usually stick to the basics, i occasionally like to try to work a little something trendy into my rotation, and in order to do that, i have to know what's trendy.
anyway, go see for yourself:

let me know what you think.
end unpaid advertisement.

ps how cute is this dress? too bad it was already sold out when i got to it.

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