Monday, February 13, 2012

make yourself useful and...

plan yourself a date night.
if my last post about romantic movies didn't get you in the mood, here's something else to chew need a date night. it doesn't need to be a romantic getaway, although i would recommend that you take one every once in a while. leave the kids (people kids or the furry kind) with grandma (or at the pet hotel, depending on how they are behaved that day).
now, date night can mean very different things to different people. hubs and i have our old standbys. we usually write them on slips of paper and put them in a hat and then draw one, when we're feeling semi-adventurous. the slips of paper say things like "drive-in and chinese food" or "hike at (insert park here) with a picnic" or "thai food and overnight hotel" or "nyc with carnegie deli and midtown comics" and things like that. this ensures that we don't do the same thing too often, and that we always have dinner and an activity. if we're feeling really adventurous, we make something up that we've never done before. last time hubs took me on an off-the-cuff date, we went ice skating. he has only been ice skating twice, and the first time was disastrous. this time was super fun even though little hockey-playing 5-year-olds were lapping us around the rink. ice skating leads to tons of hand-holding too, which is nice and can never really be not romantic.
of course, your date night should really be based on your idea of romance, as well as your availability and price range. if you have a while to plan, pick out a new outfit or get your hair done. it is impossible not to feel awesome with a new haircut and a nice dress that you just bought. but if there's no money for it? s'ok too. comb through your closet and storage bins for something that you haven't worn in a while, and rock it. i do this constantly, because i buy clothes then wear them a few times and forget that i ever had them (and often go out and buy basically the same thing. we'll attribute that to my poor short-term memory rather than my mild shopping addiction).
or even just do your make-up different. try this site for eye make-up tips: just doing that one little thing differently will spice things up a tad.
also, if you can't go away for a night or have to take the kids, you can still do something fun like taking a bike ride and packing a picnic, or strolling the boardwalk and having pizza. since stenni was born it's been harder to find time and money to go away on mini-breaks like we used to, but we go on more fun, cheap dates than we ever did before. free museum night? awesome date. ice cream and walking around the downtown of a place where we don't live? even better. when i'm really feeling low-fi? picnic on the living room floor with a good record playing in the background.
plan yourself a date night. it'll be worth it, i promise.
(sorry for posting this after monday. i was busy actually making myself useful. more on that later)Link

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