Thursday, February 16, 2012

what i did for valentine's day

valentine's day was busy this year. so busy, in fact, that as soon as my husband left to take the dog out for the night at 8:30 or so, i fell asleep hard. he came back not 5 minutes later to find me sprawled out on the bed, all my street clothes on (as we had just gotten back from dinner), with no covers or anything. i didn't even take my jewelery off. what a lucky guy, right? right.
what kept me so busy all day was a super-secret special valentine's day surprise party that stenni and i planned. we had her first art gala! this, obviously, involved lots of planning and baking and all manner of fun things, not to mention like a million art projects that kept her busy for a few days beforehand (yay for mom!). we made some valentines for papa and the grandparents, and then baked a big strawberry cake with pink icing and strawberry preserves in the middle and a big read heart on top! we also made chocolate chip cookies which we dipped in good dark chocolate and edible red glitter. we had sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses, because stenni really likes to "cheers" with authority, and i was pretty sure she'd break my real champagne flutes. we put flowers all over the house and set up a dessert table with a nice white tablecloth and red heart glitters. it looked awesome!
we moved around some furniture until we had a nice blank wall and then we hung up all of her artwork. it's actually still hanging up because it looks so nice in the living room. i know we'll have to take it down before we show the house again but i just want to keep it up for as long as possible, because stenni's super proud of it. she'll go over to the wall and like pet the pictures (though sometimes she rips pieces off, which is not as cool, but then again it's her artwork. she's editing, like any other artist).
so when papa came home, he was super surprised! we had a nice, quick art gala and then headed out to fuddrucker's where we ate a nice dinner and got home in time to put stenni (and myself!) to sleep at a reasonable hour.
so what did you do for valentine's day?

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