Thursday, February 23, 2012

sorry for the semi-planned hiatus.

hubs and i took the (long) weekend off from everything. we just slacked off from thursday night until monday night. we dropped stenni off with grandparents. we told everyone we were going out of town. we didn't.
instead, we went hiking and running and played basketball at the park and went on long drives and slept in and ate bagels and fried chicken whenever we wanted and used almost our entire tax refund shopping for new wardrobes at macys. it was awesome and if anyone deserves it after working so much, it's the hubs. he even bought an argyle sweater vest. it looks spectacular.
then on monday hubs and stenni had a daddy/daughter date and went to the children's museum and out to lunch and shopping. i'm a little worried that when it comes time to pick a mate, stenni won't find anyone even remotely like her papa. she'll expect someone who always writes her songs and takes her on dates and makes her special meals and goes on adventures with her...i guess it won't be impossible to find a person like that, since i did, but it'll sure be hard.
even though she's a baby and i don't have to worry about her dating or getting married or whatever for a LONG, LONG TIME, sometimes stenni makes it so that i have to think about what makes a good partner. i suppose it's different for everyone. hubs and i click because we are both pretty old-fashioned. we knew we both wanted marriage and family first, then careers and whatnot would come second. there aren't many people who think like that today. plus we got together at that formative time in high school when everyone was forming personalities and whatnot. we ended up doing similar things and having the same friends, even though to this day we still have very distinct personalities. i feel like us growing up together has had a huge impact on our marriage and why we get along so well (usually). compatibility is a funny thing, and has a lot to do with being complementary as much as being similar.
anyway sorry for being missing for a while. i'll be back to regular posting in a jif.

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