Monday, February 6, 2012

the weekend, and the week ahead

this weekend, just yesterday in fact, we listed the house with a realtor. i know, i know, i've been saying i would do this for ages, but i didn't really want to before now and it never felt like a good fit. every time a realtor came into the house they'd give us a laundry list of things that had to be done and end with "and you know it's FAR too cluttered." and i wanted to be like "and you know, i have an exuberant toddler. and screw you." not that I ever did. but this realtor was super nice and seems to know our area super well. plus, we've done some massive de-cluttering and renovations since then. the house i wanted to buy, though, is under contract with someone else, which is incredibly upsetting. oh well, we can only wait and see what happens. i'm just hoping that house isn't on the market for 6 months or a year or some other unacceptably long time period.
also, the super bowl was yesterday. suffice it to say that i don't care for football at all, whatsoever. however, it did give me an excuse to plow wings and beer all night, which is always cool by me.
in other news, as of tomorrow, my husband and i have been together for ELEVEN YEARS. we started dating our sophomore year of high school in 2001 and knew almost immediately that we were going to get married some day (we waited until sophomore year of college to do that though). i can't believe that so much time has flown by! we are going to celebrate by going out to the brew pub a few towns over and getting dinner. we stopped buying "dating anniversary" presents a few years ago, but i usually cheat and buy them anyway and say that they're for valentine's day, which is next tuesday. in the long run, it doesn't really matter anyway as they're usually something like lingerie or chocolate or other useful things.
oh, and last week stenni and i went to elmo's birthday party at the community children's museum in dover. the museum is super awesome and features a ton of kid-friendly activities in different sections like different houses of the world, van gogh's bedroom, a dress-up stage where kids can see themselves on tv, a spaceship, an electricity learning station and soooo much more. here is stenni playing dress-up:

but what she really liked was the fish tank. she kept walking up to it and trying to tell the other kids about it, and then making fish face at the fish. it was super-cute. here, i'll show you: