Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my legit good reasons for the lack of posting

actual reasons i haven't been posting:
1. i tried to try out to train to be a jazzercise instructor, but due to my lack of coordination i was not ready. too bad it took me so long to realize that. i wish someone had told me a little earlier...i wasted some valuable spring cleaning time taking extra classes and working on moves in front of a mirror!
2. i have had a sick family. as in the flu, bronchitis, you name it. i think i may have bronchitis, but that takes a backseat to other health issues at the moment.
3. i am pregnant, but i'm not sure if the news is all good. i went for an ultrasound yesterday, and apparently i'm supposed to be 10 weeks along but the tech couldn't find a baby, which should show up at 6 weeks. however, they did find what may either be a cyst or a fertilized egg in my fallopian tube, meaning that it could be an ectopic pregnancy and not at all viable (in fact, if left untreated it could kill me). they're not sure yet though. i went for bloodwork and need to go for more tomorrow. it could just be that i'm not as far along as they thought and that's why they can't see a baby yet. i don't know. i'm hoping and praying that the pregnancy is viable because stenni is already kissing my belly and saying "baby" and "big sister!", but that's really all i can do at this point is hope and pray.
4. i finally made chocolate babka. yes, this does justify my lack of posting because it took all day. was it worth it? yeah, it was. but it'll be one of those things i only make once or twice a year. it was soooo much harder than my regular recipe but so much better too.

all that to say, here's another list of things that i should have been doing instead of posting but haven't:
1. spring cleaning
2. yard work
3. seed starting
4. menu planning

i'll try to be better, i promise (seems i'm always saying this though, huh?)!

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