Monday, August 27, 2012

from the department of random...

i really, reeeeally want a dress with swans on it. it might sound silly, but i like swans a lot. i'll miss the swans on my lake when we move, which is probably never because we haven't had any bites in forever on the house and i feel like i did something really bad and now i'm stuck here as punishment. we wrote a strongly-worded but professional-sounding letter to our realtor, from whom we had not heard for about a month, asking why our home was listed as "not for sale" on zillow and why she seems to be MIA, and when we can expect to have an open-house of any kind. we obviously have not heard back yet. but back to the would be silly to buy it now when i have so much stuff to buy/do for stenni's 2nd birthday party! that's right. as of this friday, my little on will be TWO YEARS OLD. we are throwing her a rainbow pool party and giving her the weekend of her young life, including trips to the lake, the shore, land of make believe, and the zoo. i think by next tuesday we will all be ready to collapse into our respective beds for like a month. but i'd rather give her experiences than stuff for a few reasons. the first is that she has too much stuff. the second is that we have too much stuff as a family. the third is that i can't think of anything she really wants or needs that we can actually give her. she's spoiled rotten already.
i want to do a picture post/tutorial later in the week to show you all of our fun rainbow projects in time for the party. maybe i'll finally do it!

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