Friday, August 24, 2012

how's your summer reading going?

i haven't read nearly as much as i planned to this summer. i packed like 5 books for vacation, and then i didn't read any of them. but i have read a few, including:
the map of love by ahdaf soueif. it follows two women about a century apart from one another as they travel to egypt and embark on love affairs and adventures. the beginning was a little slow, the middle was wonderful, and then i wished it would never end. i wish that i knew more about politics in the middle east, because i feel like i certainly would have gotten more out of the novel that way.
the road by cormac mccarthy. this was a great book and generally i love reading about the "post-apocalyptic" world but this was a little too dark for me. it follows a man and his young son as they travel through what's left of the U.S. on a road bound for the coast. the story is really about the father's love for and duty to the son until the bitter end. you know what's coming the whole time but you keep reading anyway, and i guess that's the point. i sobbed like a little girl at the end, then wanted to throw myself in front of a bus. do i regret reading it? not one bit.
and then i read some cookbooks and whatnot. but nothing else of note. but i've fallen in love with the npr books website, which has given me a ton of books to think about reading. hubs tells me i need to read some more sci-fi, and that somehow sci-fi is less geeky than historical fiction, but i'm not so sure. i've still got to catch up on the latest walking dead!

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