Tuesday, August 7, 2012

have you guys seen

the e-shakti fall preview? so gorgeous. as i was drooling over all the prettiness, i had to remind myself that:
a. i'm broke because of the $1400 we just spent repairing the vehicles
b. the clothes will look a little different wrapped around my giant behind
c. my closet needs to be cleaned out in a big bad way as it is. despite my best efforts i have both summer and winter clothes in there, and everything in between
d. i don't really need to buy anything except for drain cleaner. nice thought, right? that's a reality check for you.

http://img.eshakti.com/clothImages/CL0024455V.jpgbut the clothes are all are spectacular, especially this red silhouette pencil skirt. it makes me want to pretend i'm classy at all or have any place even remotely not-my-house to wear it.

again, they give me no money or products to say this stuff, they just make me incredibly jealous and covetous.

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