Tuesday, September 25, 2012

so long sweet summer

Autumn clip art

ok, it's official: summer's over. in fact, it's been over since the weekend. know how i know? we had to make a fire in the woodstove this morning. in fact, we made a fire at the cabin while we were camping saturday night (but it's always colder in upstate ny). saturday night hubs and i slept out on the screen porch (while stenni was snug as a bug in a rug in my parents' camper) and nearly froze to death, and when i woke up i could see my breath.
also, i'm drinking an oktoberfest beer instead of a summer weiss. that should tip you off.
speaking of camping, on the way up we drove following the delaware river and got to see all of the leaves changing, which was awesome.
i'm not too broken up about summer being over. while i lament the loss of my outdoor swimming privileges (trust me, i tried to swim in the river this past weekend and lets just say, no dice), i also look at fall as the most romantic season. sure it's baseball playoff season, and sure it's when i get to do all the stuff i like like pumpkin and apple picking and dressing up like an idiot to beg for candy and bobbing for apples and whatnot. but it's also the season on my anniversary. and since my wedding was fall-themed, whenever i think of fall i think of my wedding and my honeymoon and obviously romance (and baseball. we stayed at the skydome in canada and watched like a thousand playoff games in seedy bars. well, as seedy as you get in canada. plus we've been going to cooperstown for our anniversary lately, which is all the more baseball-y).
so right now i'm going to don a sweater, finish this brew, chomp an apple and get to making a pot of soup. maybe i'll make a fire in the woodstove too. i'm also gonna let hubs stack some wood outside because let's face it, if i were doing it we'd have a woodpile collapse sometime around late-october. and nobody wants that.

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