Friday, September 28, 2012

the easiest halloween/fall decoration EVER

so since stenni and i stayed inside for most of the day yesterday, we did a lot of artwork. we did a ton of printable coloring pages (including these really cool, inventive fill-in-the-blank style pages from and went for a walk with the dog and picked up leaves and talked about fall and read a book about pumpkins baked some pumpkin-apple muffins (a variation on the 2-ingredient pinterest special. i just added 2 chopped up apples and some pumpkin pie spice as well, and used yellow cake mix) and did every other thing i could think of.

but then i realized that since fall kind of snuck up on me, i hadn't decorated at all. not one bit. no pumpkins, no apple-related items, no dead cornstalks tied together on the front porch, no leaf wreaths, nothing. but right now, all my decorating stuff's in storage and though a scavenger hunt sounds fun, a scavenger hunt through boxes in a dirty basement with a toddler in tow does not. time for a little imagination.

when i was at target the other day and everyone in my house had a cold, i bought a bunch of boxes of tissues. one of them had a cool orange owl on it to match my orange bathroom. and because everyone had a cold, the box was quickly emptied. i spied the box, unfolded, in my paper recycling pile. 

a quick search around the house yielded one of those "invisible" frames that just has glass in the front and nothing around the outside. i think i bought it as part of a two-pack at the dollar store a while back.

so, cut out owl from tissue box. stick in frame. done. if i had some cool patterned orange scrapbook paper, i'd have put that behind the owl in the frame. but as it is, i think it makes a nice bookcase decoration. what do you think?

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