Friday, October 5, 2012

i'm not really a runner, but...

i thought you could probably use this!  i know i totally could!
i don't really run, but hubs and i have taken up going for a run a few days a week to try to train for a 5k this thanksgiving morning. it's not always fun but i normally feel way better afterwards. sometimes my husband  has to literally drag me out the door, but other times i'm rarin' to go (though after a mile or two i usually want to throw myself off a cliff). i really didn't ever run before, except during what we all called "hell week" for field hockey in high school, which really was like hell because of all of the wind sprints and marathon runs. i remember going through like entire tubs of icy hot and gallons of water. once i gave up on sports i was glad to put that all behind me!
anyway hubs and i are up to about 3.5-4 miles on a good day, and that's totally awesome since i started basically from scratch about 10 weeks ago. but i found this infographic on this morning and i wanted to share it:

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what about you? any runners out there? how do you train, and do you always enjoy it?

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