Thursday, October 18, 2012

hubs' birthday, or Tedtoberfest...

will be held this saturday evening at my house.

so what does this mean? well, i know he gets father's day as a reward for being such a terrific dad, and on our anniversary we reward each other for being awesome spouses to one another (i assume. i'm always awesome, but i can't imagine i'm always the best spouse). but the most fun husband-related day? his birthday, because we get to just celebrate him. so i want it to be as fun and super-rockin as possible. this year i am throwing what i've tentatively termed "tedtoberfest" and we will be doing all sorts of fun oktoberfest stuff like playing drinking games and masskrugstemmen (go ahead and check it out. i didn't know what it was until a few weeks ago either!) and pretzel-making and whatnot. and possibly listening to oompah music. i think i'll have to throw that in there if i can. it just seems like such fun and make sme wish i owned a tuba.
i will also be making him his favorite birthday treat: a funfetti cake with pink strawberry icing. yeah, a pink cake, for serious. this is a strapping young bearded luimberjack-looking man. he will be eating a pink cake and loving it. i love it too. 
when hubs was a kid, they didn't really throw birthday parties after you turned like 5 or something. but then again they also didn't go on vacation. proof positive that in-laws are totally insane and live what are possibly joyless lives. but that means that a party is always something exciting and fun for him, whereas in my family, it was kind of expected and not quite as awesome. when i threw his his first surprise party a few years ago, he was totally shocked and didn't suspect anything at all. now around his birthday he always kind of looks at me sideways because, he explained, if i got away with throwing an elaborate destination surprise party without arousing his suspicion at all, what else could i be doing that he doesn't know about? (nothing exciting, really)
anyway i'm really excited to throw this party for him. anyone got any good german party food recipes? i'll be trying my hand at sauerbraten for the first time, but if that doesn't work, we'll still have bbq chicken, ribs, handrolled pretzels, german sausage and plenty of beer!

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