Friday, January 11, 2013

Coming clean about organization: Stenni's room "before"

This is legit what my daughter's room looks like right now. I know, I know, it's awful! The other day the changing table/dresser combo that we had been using since she was born (which was second hand then) finally gave out and no amount of rigging and praying would fix it. So after I threw the offending drawer across the room, I started looking for new furniture. (Also, I suspect that even though she loves her crib, that little girl is going to outgrow it very, very soon, whether I like it or not, and she'll need a big girl bed.) Hubs and I found a ton of stuff I loved but everything was so expensive! While we could have easily gotten a whole little girl bedroom set for like $800 new, I wanted something space-saving so Stenni would have so much more room to do activities. We looked for one of those all-in-one loftbed over dresser combos and we found them and they are awesome, but guess what? I don't have a $2500.00 budget. It's closer to $2.50! But thanks to my enterprising hubby, who found a set almost exactly like what we wanted on craigslist, the new furniture will be here on Saturday and I'm so excited! It's not the best color (white) but I think we can work with it!

So this weekend will be spent re-doing Stenni's room. I will try to make separate areas for art/music, and a library and reading area, besides where she sleeps. Also, we are trying to use as much stuff that we already have as possible because...well because I can't buy everything brand new! And I will try to make it easy to organize with plenty of drawers, shelves, etc. since this room is always a mess despite my best efforts. When I set up the nursery almost 3 years ago now, I was not thinking about long-term storage solutions, and unfortunately it shows now!

Look out next week for a make-over reveal!

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