Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super-fun, EASY Valentine's Craft

Omg this was so fun and easy. Let me start by saying that on Tuesday nights, my hubs goes right from work to teaching guitar lessons, and he doesn't come home until like 9, long after Stenni's in bed. So it's my "single parent" night, and I have to go it alone from when she wakes up til she goes to bed at night. (On a related note, God bless single parents. I don't know how they do it.) With a normal child, this might be completely fine. But for a child with Stenni's level of exuberance, lets just say that I'm ready to call in the reinforcements around 4 o'clock or so. So we try to stay really busy on Tuesdays doing fun stuff that isn't terribly complicated or expensive. This Tuesday we made Valentine's day t-shirts to match each other!!! This is big for me because she usually only wants to match Papa. Here's how we did it:

Buy a pack of cheap heart-shaped doilies and a cheap t-shirt. Use a clear-drying glue stick and use a little dab to attach one of the doilies on the front of the shirt, wherever you'd like your design. You just don't want to doily to move around when you're painting in the little holes.

Paint over the doily, using whatever colors of acrylic paint you'd like. We used a ton of glitter paint, in a bunch of different colors (this is Stenni's, obviously). 

(This one's mine. I'm clearly the mysterious one.)

She's totally having fun painting other stuff while I put the t-shirts off to the side. Also, a belated cautionary note: put newspaper over every single surface in your house that you don't want covered in paint.

Stenni's finished product!
My finished product!

Now Stenni and I have matching shirts to wear next Thursday! Woo-hoo! Plus, like I said, it couldn't have been easier. I feel kind of silly even giving a how-to tutorial! But it was super-fun anyway. 

BTDubs, I'm linking up at Not Just A Housewife and Reasons to Skip the Housework today.  Head over there for some inspiration and legit Valentine's crafts, as well as totally jealousy-inducing projects and recipes and cool other stuff.

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