Wednesday, March 13, 2013

afternoon confessional

Ok, so here's what's what: I have a few things to confess to you, dear readers.
First, remember when I said that hubs and I re-did Stenni's room, and I would reveal it the next week? Well, I suppose you may have noticed that I haven't yet. But there's a totes legitimate reason for that: her crib is still in there, and she still sleeps in it every single night. No sleepy-time in the big girl bed yet (though we have had a handful of successful naps up in there). Why not? Because it terrifies me. The bed itself is awesome, and she's ok with it, and even though it's high off the ground there are good-sized railings that run all the way around and I know she can't fall, and even though she knows to call me to get up and down off the bed, it still scares me. I suppose these are first-child problems, but so be it. I am a chicken, and I can't help it. So I won't be posting pictures until I get the crib out of her room so that the easel and toybox can go in that spot. But that might take a while. 
Next confession: I haven't started spring cleaning yet. Usually I'm done with it by the time spring rolls around. This year? Not so much. I barely even have a plan. I say barely because I do have something of an idea what I'll do: clean for spring. I have looked at several pins regarding spring cleaning and read a few blog posts about it though, and I feel like that should really count for something. Since hubs and I pulled the house from the market, doing the dishes and making the bed on the same day has qualified me for awesome person of the century.
And another: the other day, I watched Adam Sandler movies all day. Not even the classics. But guess what? It didn't matter. You can feel free to judge me appropriately, but just remember how awesome That's My Boy was first.
Last one for today: I fed my kid corndogs for lunch. Yeah, I really did. I feel a little better because they were those meatless, Morningstar Farms ones, but it was still a half-assed toaster oven lunch, and I'm honestly not too upset by that. Lately I've been trying to sneak more fruits and veggies into Stenni's diet even though that kid will eat pretty much any healthy (or non-healthy) food that I put in front of her. So I took Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious out of the library, and made a few recipes from it. Overall they came out great, especially the Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins which I will be making for myself at least once a month (or day). Stenni loved them, and even my sister and my mom each ate one (they pretty much hate anything even remotely healthy, so I didn't tell them until after they finished that there were carrots in them, but they didn't seem too upset or shocked). But honestly, I'm not going to puree veggies all the time just so I can sneak them into random foods. I feel like that's total trickery, and I'd rather that she just eat healthy food that she knows are healthy foods so that she can recognize what's healthy herself when I'm not around. Also I'm lazy and it's too much work to do all that. But I will still do it from time to time since a lot of the recipes are awesome.

I'm sure I've got way more to confess, like how I spent all morning playing around on the Dead Yourself Walking Dead app instead of washing my sheets, or how I haven't gone running in three weeks even though I've been over the flu for like a week and a half now, but you guys don't want all the loser-ish details, right? I sure wouldn't. Just be happy knowing that I'm a hot mess right now, and that I just figured out what the Harlem Shake is, like yesterday. And I had to ask my friend, who asked her assistant, who thought it was racist, so then I asked my sister, who told me to look it up on youtube.

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