Saturday, March 2, 2013


my house has been sick. not the house itself, but everyone in it. like, flu, bronchitis, fevers and chills and night sweats and the whole nine. it's been this way for about a week now. today marked the first day since last thursday i ventured out and about in public, to panera for half a scone (splitsies with the hubs) and a caramel latte and to target for a show in just how awful in public toddlers can be. sigh, all in a day's work i guess. we are almost feeling better. well enough to be awful i suppose.
but i digress. spring is coming, and our house still isn't sold, which means either another year of planting things i don't want to keep, or a dramatic price reduction. we now actually have a reason that we need to move...more on that another day.
also, congrats to pete and sally for getting engaged today in switzerland! i'm so happy for you!
plus, my sister leaves for paris a week from today. woo hoo!

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