Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today is National Walking Day!

The American Heart Association has declared today, April 3rd 2013, to be National Walking Day! Walking is great low-impact cardio that almost everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, too many people are sedentary these days and don't get at least the recommended 30 minutes of walking a day. So to celebrate National Walking Day and set off on the right foot (or the left, puns intended), here are some suggestions:
  • Take the dog for a nice long walk. Let's face it, you could both use the exercise (at least that's true in our house!). Pups get porky too.
  • Pop the kiddies in the stroller and take a walk around the block. They'll likely enjoy it as much as (or more than) you will.
  • Grab your partner and meander around town for a bit. You never know what you'll find, plus it's romantic. 
  • If you've got big kiddos, bundle up and go for a nature hike. It can be a great learning experience, besides just exercise!
  • At work? Take your lunch outside. Find a nice spot, chow down, and use the rest of your break time on a walking tour!
  • Is it still yucky out by you, like spring didn't get the memo that she's two weeks late? Try a mall walk. Just leave the wallet in the car, unless of course you feel like spending a ton of loot.  
  •  If you just can't walk for whatever reason, at least check out the walkability score for your area here. Scores range from the car-dependent low-end (almost all errands require a car) to the Walker's Paradise on the high end. The score for my area is abysmally low, but we drive to the park or walk around the block all the time (though it kills me to walk the same loop over and over again). It's a good thing to know!
Happy Walking Day! I hope it's warm where you are and you can fully enjoy it!

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