Thursday, April 4, 2013

My daughter called me a name today that almost made me cry.

It wasn't a bad word. It wasn't a swear word. It wasn't even something that I taught her accidentally (we really don't use that word in our house).

My toddler called me ma'am today, and I almost lost it. 

I understand that to some people, it's considered respectful. I know it's not the end of the world. But for all that is holy, I'm only 27!  Ma'am is for old ladies and southerners, and I am neither of those things, not by a long shot. I really did almost cry, because it hurt and was kind of insulting, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

I do say "yes sir" to my husband on occasion, but only to pick on him, because he hates it and thinks it makes our family seem, I don't know, old-fashioned in a very bad way. Also I think that he thinks it makes him sound like a task-master. So it's only reserved for teasing.

So that got me thinking, do I act like a task-master towards my daughter? I was only asking her to go use the potty when she called me that mean dirty name. I really didn't feel like we had that kind of relationship. Also, I know that Stenni's only 2 1/2. I understand that. She doesn't know that mama dislikes that moniker so intensely (or why...but I'm sure she will when she gets older, although with any luck that word will fall out of usage by the time she's my age). And how could she? There are certain words that she knows that we just don't use, and I almost feel silly adding that one to the pile.

Have you ever had a child call you something that you just don't want to be called, silly as it is? I know some women shudder at the thought of being called "grandma" although strictly speaking they are grandmothers. Any other commonly-used words that are unofficially banned in your house?


  1. Oh if my daughter called me that, I'd assume she learned it from preschool. Ha I guess we're from different parts of the country. :) My friend's grandma didn't want to be called grandma because it made her feel old, so instead she had them call her GG (gorgeous grandma). Ha I though GG made her sound old too.

  2. In New Jersey, it is not at all common! And since she doesn't do preschool and I know it's not from her grandparents (all native New Jerseyans as well), I'm at a loss! I like "GG, " GG is not as bad as, say, granny!