Saturday, May 11, 2013

according to bing, today is...

Twilight Zone day! Which, to be honest, I didn't even know existed, despite being a huge fan of the original TV series. Plus, it's totally apropos considering yesterday's post topic.

I can't pick a favorite episode, but I particularly like "Third from the Sun" and "The Howling Man" and want to punch the little kid from "It's a Good Life" hard in the face before he can send me away into the cornfield. The show is alternately brilliant, tragic, hilarious, nostalgic, and prescient, and always chock full of wonderful stories (and story-telling). I love the show for so many reasons, but at least partly because I find it upsetting that it's no longer socially acceptable to calm someone down by slapping them (which along with a cocktail was apparently like, the Xanax of the early 1960's).

Are you a fan? What's your favorite episode? And are you celebrating this little known holiday?

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