Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beating the heat

Ok, so we're in the middle of a heat wave, and it isn't very pleasant. With temperatures in the mid- to upper 90's and a heat index well above 100, I have rescinded my A/C semi-ban (well, I sort of did a while ago...gimme a break, I'm 6 months pregnant over here, and this is unseasonably hot for northern NJ). Since I don't even want to think about going outside for the next few days (which means probably no swimming in the pool until the evening at least), here's what we're doing to beat the heat indoors:
  • Ice pops. Lots of them. 
  • The mall and the library have free A/C. You don't even have to buy anything. Score!
  • Lights off, shades drawn. One A/C unit does the trick for our little house if we leave all the doors open!
  • When we water the garden, we run through the hose spray. News flash: It's still superfun as a grown-up.
  • I stick the sunscreen and moisturizer in the fridge. Then I see them first thing in the morning and put them on (benefit number one: I can't forget them if I have to go into the fridge to make breakfast or coffee) and they feel awesome on my skin (benefit number two: cooling sensation, and you don't mind re-applying). 
  • I'm dreaming of the "lazy river" at the water park. My parents' pool is like like, as warm as a bathtub right now, so it's not about to do us any good in this state.
That's pretty much it. Any other suggestions? Iced coffee maybe?

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